Cocker Spaniel Breed Information

The English Cocker Spaniel

Two English Cocker Spaniels

The Cocker Spaniel was originally bred in the 1800s as a working dog whose function was to flush and retrieve woodcock (hence the name!). Due to its friendly and enthusiastic nature this breed is now more commonly bred as a companion dog.

Cocker Spaniels are merry, friendly affectionate and kind natured. Their colours range from solid through to the various parti colours (for instance black and white, blue roan etc). They make wonderful family pets and are very faithful and full of exuberance. Cocker Spaniels are of medium size with males measuring 15.5 inches to 16 inches and females measuring between 15 and 15.5 inches in height and weighing approximately 13 - 14.5kgs. Equally happy running across fields or at home dozing in front of the fire the English Cocker Spaniel requires moderate exercise and lives to an average age of 13 years.

The breed standard that we aim to achieve, as set by the Kennel Club, can be viewed by clicking on the link below:

Kennel Club

Cocker Spaniels can suffer from certain breed diseases. For breeding purposes we DNA test our dogs for PRA and FN to ensure progeny will not be affected by these hereditary diseases. For more information on these tests and the companies that carry them out please click on either of the links below:



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